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I have been successfully running my own business in training and coaching in the equestrian sports of Eventing and Dressage. Now in recent business development, Realized Potential - Sport & Performance Psychology & Coaching, I work with individuals, professionals, and teams aspiring to achieve peak performances, fulfillment, and flow in sports, training, business, and life. l use my multifaceted skillset as well as my ability to connect with people and collaborate with their insights, helping individuals to stretch their capacities to achieve peak performances, fulfillment, and flow in sport, performance, and ultimately all facets of their life with transferrable skills.

I have over a decade of applied practice in coaching and training on track and field teams, soccer teams, and equestrian sports, and 25 plus years of personal athletic experience with notable successes up to the elite levels of my sport. With my experiences, competencies, and credentials, I provide systematic, individualized evidence-based mental skills training and sport and performance psychology interventions, bolstered with the tenets of positive psychology, mindfulness practices, and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches 




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I can’t say enough good things about Camille and how Tessa has grown and progressed over the past three years into the confident and talented rider that she has become. Camille has a way of reaching Tessa and all of her students in a positive and nurturing way. Always helping them build on their successes and learning from their failures. I’ve learned over the years that equestrian sport teaches much more than riding skills and Camille, with her 25 years in equestrian sports up to the elite levels and with her sport psychology credentials, has taught Tessa and her students the inherent life skills needed to be successful in the sport and with life. My Daughter takes under saddle lessons three days a week and has one sports psychology session each week, and she has excelled in her riding. Earning Varsity Letters in the Interscholastic Equestrian Association, as a freshman in high school, and winning first place consistently at local and regional events, ultimately qualifying for Nationals two years in a row. I cannot say enough about Camille or recommend her more highly to anyone looking for a horse trainer, sport psychologist, mental performance coach, life skills coach, or friend. I assure you I am so very grateful to have Camille in my daughter’s life and I’m sure anyone who chooses to work with Camille in any capacity will find it to be an excellent decision. -Stephen G. Dermody

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