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Realized Potential -
SPort & Performance Psychology & Consulting 

I have been successfully running my own business in training and coaching in the equestrian sports of Eventing and Dressage. Now in recent business development, Realized Potential - Sport & Performance Psychology & Consulting LLC, I work with individuals, professionals, and teams aspiring to achieve peak performances, fulfillment, and flow in sports, training, business, and life. l use my multifaceted skillset as well as my ability to connect with people and collaborate with their insights, helping individuals to stretch their capacities to achieve peak performances, fulfillment, and flow in sport, performance, and ultimately all facets of their life with transferrable skills.

I have over a decade of applied practice in coaching and training on track and field teams, soccer teams, and equestrian sports, and 25 plus years of personal athletic experience with notable successes up to the elite levels of my sport. With my experiences, competencies, and credentials, I provide systematic, individualized evidence-based mental skills training and sport and performance psychology interventions, bolstered with the tenets of positive psychology, mindfulness practices, and cognitive behavioral therapy approaches 




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3-Day Eventing & Dressage Training

Training & Coaching

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Camille has an off-scale emotional intelligence and uncanny leadership abilities and balance of strength and compassion. What she does (and it is pure magic) is find strength and competence in people that they would otherwise never discover for themselves. She is that person who can maintain respect, professionalism, and discipline, while always driving progress and making sure everyone is concurrently physically and emotionally safe. She is extremely mature, thoughtful, able to motivate or listen as needed, an effective team player in multiple roles - entirely responsible, self-motivated, ethical, and inspirational. She is a world-class athlete, grateful for the opportunity, and she has developed that from a place of intense intelligence for the body-mind balance. This is difficult to express without watching her in action: The concepts and discipline that have brought Camille to the Olympic level are translatable- because she is at first and foremost a scholar, and she is able to uncover (and verbalize and demonstrate) the pieces needed to motivate an 8-year-old or an adult athlete peer. Her students, friends, trainers, clients, and colleagues all respect her deeply for this, and all people adore Camille....There is no better way to say that. I have known Camille for over a decade. She has been a student in anatomy and physiology classes, she has been a trainer/teacher of family and friends, and I have followed her success as an elite athlete. I can assure anyone that while Camille would absolutely consider it a privilege to work with you, join your team, or your program, it would be an equal privilege for anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her. Without question, she will serve as a positive, credible, and accomplished leader on a global stage for the field of Sport and Performance Psychology. - Patricia A. Pesavento DVM, PhD dip ACVP Professor, Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis 

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