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Professional Philosophy

My professional certifications, degrees, and experiences at the top echelons in my sport as a professional athlete compel me to lead with my passion to empower people to realize their potential in their own performances and life. My diverse athletic experiences and notable achievements at the elite levels in my sport, allows me to relate to individuals at all levels of performance in various competitive performance domains. My high attunement, intuition, and emotional intelligence, allows me to accurately discern people’s needs to assist them in expanding their performance capacities. My professional training and education, allows me to effectively equip people with an expansive, transferable skill set that helps them realize their potential in all facets of performance and life.

I collaborate with executives and leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals, resulting in increased awareness and insights into individual and team strengths, improved leadership dynamics, increased emotional intelligence, higher levels of resilience, and strategic skills that result in thriving cultures and sustainable organizational change. I work alongside athletes and teams to help them reach their highest potential, achieving individual and team goals, resulting in performance excellence and overall well-being. My multicultural heritage guides my approach and interactions with people from diverse backgrounds. I am guided by the Codes of Ethics in the International Coaching Federation and the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and ensure that I maintain competencies to support LGBTQ+ and multicultural populations. I utilize advocacy plans, ethical models, and engage in continued education with aspirations to grow and develop to best support clients, ensuring ethical, inclusive, and safe practices for all.

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