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Self-determination Theory & performance excellence

I chose this artifact, The Profound Influence of Self-Determination Theory and Goal Setting on Performance Excellence in Student-Athlete Populations because it provides evidence of the integral role self-determination theory plays in the achievement of optimal motivation, specifically intrinsic motivations, and, in turn, performance excellence. This artifact showcases my ability to integrate evidence into a cohesive summary that illustrates the efficacy of an integral theory on motivation that is immensely important in the field of sport and performance psychology and the achievement of performance excellence. Since the initial submission of this assignment, I adjusted the number of acronyms that I originally incorporated in the efforts to shorten the length of the paper, as it disrupted the flow and made it more difficult for the reader to follow. This version flows much better with fewer disruptions from the acronyms. 

The integral role of Motivational interviewing

I chose this artifact, The Integral Role Motivational Interviewing Plays in the Achievement of Performance Excellence and Overall Well-being, because it is a summary of an integral process for achieving intrinsic motivations that I incorporate in my practice to support individuals in establishing behaviors and changes that will support the achievement of performance excellence and overall well-being. This artifact showcases my ability to effectively compile relevant information on the topic of motivation and the process of motivational interviewing that supports individuals in the achievement of performance excellence and overall well-being. This artifact also provides a worksheet that gives individuals the opportunity to put this process into action to experience some of the benefits of this integral process to optimal motivation.

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