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Competition & Performance Preparation

Preparation for performance/competitions:

  • Begins with establishing consistency and quality approaches to MST prior to the performance/competitions, so that on performance/competition day individuals have well-established, systematic application of their MST to support optimal performance.

  • Individuals are supported in developing their own pre-performance routine, involving the various elements of MST (e.g., imagery, relaxation techniques, confidence, positive self-talk, mindfulness practices) that allow them to achieve their individual zone of optimal functioning.

  • Individuals are supported with the principles of positive psychology and a strength-based focus, regularly emphasizing, and utilizing their strengths, allowing them to operate in the realms of their highest potential.

  • Individuals's processes are supplemented with the principles of mindfulness: 

    • Helping individuals to establish a non-judgmental, present-moment awareness, so that they become impermeable to negative experiences and can be empowered by positive experiences, allowing them to step into flow more easily where peak performances occur.

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