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Strength-Based Approaches

This paper is a summary of strengths-based approaches, including providing evidence of one of the most profound mechanisms for achieving performance excellence and overall well-being.

Positive Psychology & Performance Excellence

This paper is a summary of the basic tenets of Positive psychology, including highlighting individuals' strengths, focusing on when people are at their best, and attending to individual and group flourishing, ultimately providing interventions that promote superior functioning (Biswas-Diener, 2010).

Self-fulfilling Prophecies & Performance Excellence

This paper summarizes the impacts self-fulfilling philosophies and the effect they can have on individuals and teams.

Self-Actualization & Performance Excellence

This paper summarizes self-actualization, including the integral features that are required for an individual to self-actualize and achieve optimal performance.

Optimizing Neuroscience for Performance Excellence

This paper summarizes the value of developing a functional awareness regarding neuroscience, including addressing stressful situations, providing coaches with the tools to optimize the autonomous functions of breathing to create a space for athletes and performers to respond in stressful performance environments, and ultimately supporting performance excellence.

The impact of an external focus on performance excellence

This paper summarizes the Impacts of an External Focus of Attention Compared to an Internal Focus of Attention on Optimal Motor Learning and Performance in Athletes and Performers and provides practical implications for the understandings surrounding this topic.

Balance of a growth mindset & loving the plateau

This paper summarizes the framework for supporting optimal growth and performance excellence, including finding the appropriate balance between seeking growth and development while maintaining patience and perspective with the natural ebb and flow that occurs with all growth and development. The inevitable plateau and invaluable opportunities that can arise with the appropriate self-awareness and self-regulation to seize them. 

The value of cross-cultural & spiritual practices

This paper provides a summary of the value of Incorporating Diverse Cross-Cultural and Spiritual Practices and Frameworks to Support Performance Excellence, including understanding the integral role spirituality can play to enhance sporting performance, performance excellence, individual growth, as well as overall well-being.

Reflective practice to achieve performance excellence

This paper defines how applying reflective practices is an important component in sports coaching and leadership context, as it allows leaders and coaches the opportunity to effectively learn from their experiences to support the achievement of performance excellence. This paper explains how I utilize reflective practice to increase my accountability and anticipate possible problems proactively, ultimately preventing avoidable issues.

The pursuit of ikigai & performance excellence

This paper summarizes the value of incorporating the philosophical understandings of eastern and western philosophies.

The Developing MinD: Human Growth & Development

Notes and summaries from Daniel Siegel's (2020) text The Developing Mind, on the Biology and Neuroscience of Attachment and Human Growth and Development.

Siegel, D. (2020). The developing mind. (3rd edi). Gulford Press: New York, London.

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