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TheoreticalOrientation & 
Theoretical Orientation to Performance Excellence

These two theoretical orientation papers provide a clear background of the origins of my life and professional philosophy, including discussing my values, background, and the philosophical/theological underpinnings of the models that I am drawn to and specific skills that I include in my approach with clients. The first paper discusses how I integrate sport performance theory (SPT) into my chosen model of therapy, the associated challenges, the benefits, and what this will look like working with the population that I will work with on a day-to-day basis. The second paper provides a clear understanding of the origins of my Theoretical Orientation to Performance Excellence and how this shaped my Professional Philosophy. 


Self-awareness plays an integral role in effective practice, recognizing how our experiences and values influence us and guide our decision-making, and how this ultimately plays a role in our work and interactions with other people. These papers reflect the awareness of my values and intentions, including how I can utilize them most effectively to best support everyone in the field of sport and performance psychology.

Leadership Philosophy

Summaries of my leadership philosophy as it relates to sport and performance in a variety of contexts.

Ethical Case Analysis

This ethical-case analysis reflects my diligence and attention to detail as I navigate ethical issues, dilemmas, or questions, ultimately coming to conclusions on how to best ethically step forward. I effectively navigate and reference ethics codes and models of effective practice and ethical decision-making, resulting in ethical decisions that best support everyone involved, ultimately supporting ethical practice going forward. 

Advocacy Plan

This advocacy plan illustrates my effectiveness when taking great responsibility to advocate for all of the individuals that I have a responsibility for in the field, especially in regard to ethical questions and concerns.

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