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Sport and Performance Psychology (SPP) Interventions

   Sport and Performance Psychology interventions: 

  • Involves an intake (i.e., regarding confidentiality; sharing my competencies, intentions, and expectations; clarifying client expectations and any questions).

  • Individuals and teams are approached with multicultural considerations and respect for individual differences.

  • Individuals are approached holistically, research suggests encouraging a multifaceted sense of self, including mental, spiritual, physical, social, and emotional well-being, results in optimal performance outcomes and overall well-being.

  • A baseline for individuals’ Mental Skills Training (MST) is established. 

  • Individuals develop each facet of MST (e.g., imagery, confidence, motivation, goal setting, concentration, relaxation, energization, routines, positive self-talk).

  • MST and SPP interventions are bolstered with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness practices.

  • Data is recorded, before, during, and after sessions.

  • Feedback and evaluations (e.g., feedback logs; assessments) are incorporated throughout the process, providing individuals with increased self-awareness and clear gauges of their progress towards their achievement of performance excellence and their goals. 

  • Various performance assessments are incorporated, such as the Athletic Skills Coping Inventory (ASCI, 28) and Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQI 2.0), Individual Strengths Assessments, Values in Action Character Strengths Survey, and Performance Profiling, as well as various worksheets from my evidence-based Mental Skills Training Curriculum.

  • Changes to the SPP interventions are made accordingly to best support the individual. 

  • A growth mindset is encouraged throughout the process.


Guided by:

  • Elite athletic experiences at the top levels of my sport and diverse athletic experiences, allowing me to relate with individuals at all levels of sports and in various competitive performance domains 

  • Intuition and discernment, allowing me to support optimal performance states and deep connection where peak performances can occur

  • Professional training and education, allowing me to equip people with an expansive, transferrable skillset that results in overall wellbeing and peak performances, in not only sport and performance, but ultimately all facets of life.


My consulting style operates from the tenets of motivational interviewing:

  • Guiding and directing clients while allowing them to take the lead and be the master of their own process, empowering them with their own intrinsic motivations. 

  • I focus on clients’ unique strengths and highlight them throughout the process, assisting them in realizing their expanding performance capacities and creating performance consistency across various contexts. 

What Lies Behind You and What Lies Before You... Are Small Matters Compared to What Lies Within You

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sport Tactics
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