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Camille Powell

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Camille Powell, at Realized Potential - Sport & Performance Psychology & Consulting LLC, expands performance capacities and creates performance consistency with her diverse and notable athletic experiences to the elite levels of her sport; her intuition, high attunement, and discernment; and her professional training and education, ultimately equipping people with an expansive and transferrable skillset, helping people realize their potential and resulting in peak performances and overall well-being across various contexts. 


Realized Potential - Sport & Performance Psychology & Consulting LLC is a successful, sustainable consulting practice that empowers clients across various contexts with the highest quality services, invaluable products, and engaging programs designed to enhance performance.


My name is Camille Powell, owner and manager of Realized Potential - Sport & Performance Psychology & Consulting LLC. I am originally from Davis, CA and currently reside in the Pacific Northwest, OR/WA. I am a graduate from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA with a Bachelor of Science in the Experience Industry Management oriented in Sport Psychology and Sport Management; a graduate of University of Western States with a Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology; and completing my Doctorate in Sport and Performance Psychology at University of Western States in July 2024. I am also currently working towards my Certification as a Mental Performance Consultant through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. I have been successfully running my competitive training and coaching business in the equestrian sport of three-day eventing.


I am expanding my business and provide effective, evidence-based sport and performance psychology interventions and mental skills training for individuals and teams (e.g., athletes, performers, professionals; youth, teens, adults) aspiring to achieve peak performances, fulfillment, and flow in sport, performance, business, and life. I specialize in expanding performance capacities and creating performance consistency. Using my elite athletic experiences at the top levels of my sport and diverse athletic experiences, which allow me to relate to individuals at all levels of sport and in various competitive performance domains; my intuition, high-attunement, and discernment, which allow me to support optimal states and connect deeply with individuals where peak performances occur; and my professional training and degrees, which allow me to equip people with an expansive and transferrable skillset, I help people to realize their potential and achieve peak performances and overall well-being in sport, performance, and ultimately all areas of their life. 



University of Western States, Portland, OR


University of Western States, Portland, OR

Doctor of Education in Sport

and Performance Psychology (EdD-SPP)


Doctor of Education in Sport and Performance Psychology offers exceptional training, mentorship, and complementary course work, enhancing my skillset with my vision for positive coaching and incorporating Sports psychology in my training for all athletes and performers. It's blend between a research-oriented doctoral program and an applied clinical psychology doctorate, will allow me to meet my specific career goals and educational needs to be a competent practitioner in the field. 

Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology (MS-SPP): Concentration in Positive Coaching


This program has optimized my skills in sport and performance psychology, transforming my abilities to inspire and motivate individuals, enhancing performance and maximizing human potential. During my MS-SPP program, I maintained a 4.0 and achieved 100% scores on my course work, for my thorough and diligent, effective comprehension and application of the course material. I was also selected by one of my esteemed professors to join his research team, for my ability to produce such exemplary work. This achievement illustrates my passion for this field and my desire to produce the highest quality work, as a testament to how I will conduct myself as a high-performing professional to most efficaciously support the individuals who I am privileged to work with in the field of sport and performance psychology.


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

Bachelor of Science in Experience Industry Management with an Individualized Field of Study in Sport Psychology and Sport Management


I developed my own individualized field of study oriented in Sport Psychology with the guidance of my advisor, designing the relevant curriculum, including psychology and kinesiology courses, because at the time my University did not have such a field, and I knew it was my passion. I completed 1,000 hours of volunteer experience and extracurricular development, including working with athletes in soccer, track & field, and basketball. I completed courses in Leadership Development, where I originally learned about and began developing a strengths-based approach to leadership, coaching, and working with athletes and performers. 

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