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@haven_eventing is my first featured rider on @camillepowelleventing . Her birthday was ju

3-Day Eventing & Dressage Training

Training, Coaching and lessons for equestrians

45 mins |  Contact for Pricing

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My specialty is connecting the mind and body of the rider, the mind and body of the horse, and then bridging that flow between horse and rider, creating harmony and performance excellence.


Individuals progress in individualized training sessions and lessons for riders and equestrians interested in the sport of Three-Day Eventing and Dressage. I provide an innovative approach marked by application of mindfulness practices along with my attention to detail, 25 years of riding experience, over 15 years of competing at notable events and competitions, and over a decade of providing training and coaching to riders of all levels; focusing on strengths, keeping perspectives positive, and recognizing individual's abilities to help each rider progress to their fullest potential. I have received accolades for my ability to recognize each individual and their needs at any given moment to maximize their potential and assist them in keeping a positive perspective even when faced with challenges. Riders walk away from their lessons with clear direction for their continued development and a real sense of confidence and accomplishment. Book On-line or Contact me to schedule lessons and training. Contact for details on rates and payment plans.

I train horses with a quality and positive approach. I look for quality in the horse's efforts and then reward their efforts with positive reinforcement, whatever that means for each individual horse. Through my experience of 15 years of training many horses from the ground up with input from established, notable individuals, such as Brian and Lisa Sabo, Laura Y. Powell, Andrea Barbee, David Hillman, David O'Connor, Asia Thayer, Sarah Morgan, Julie Hook, Dayna Lynd-Pugh, and Travis Root, to name a few. I emphasize the value of individualizing my training for each horse, based on the horse and rider's needs as well as the current level of development of the horse. This involves implementing principles from the pyramid of training throughout their progression, establishing the building blocks for a solid foundation. The horses that I train have a great willingness to do their work because I provide them with clear expectations and consistency in each training session with them. I have started and developed many horses from the ground up, including my upper-level horses where I have achieved some of my highest awards. I look forward to helping you find that connection with your horse to help you develop you and your horse to your fullest potential. Book online or contact me to schedule lessons and training.

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