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        Camille Powell has been successfully running her own business in training and coaching in Eventing and Dressage. Now in recent website and business development, she is augmenting her business with a new entity, CP Sport & Performance Psychology & Coaching working with any individuals or professionals aspiring to find their bliss, success, fulfillment and flow in sports, training, business, and life. Camille Powell offers an effective, innovative, holistic approach to training and coaching with the following credentials, experiences, and achievements and business aspirations:



  • A degree oriented in Sport Psychology from California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo

  • Certified at the highest level in the United States Pony Club: Graduate A 

  • Certified Emotional Wisdom Training Specialist

  • Certified Core-Alignment Coaching Specialist

  • Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing Practices

  • Certified NeuroLinguistic Program Practitioner through the Emotional Wisdom Training Institute

  • Completing Master's in Sport and Performance Psychology from University of Western States in requisite to be a Certified Mental Performance Consultant


Experience/Background - Camille: 

  • has 25 plus years of personal training experience applications of her practices with much success, as a professional, upper level Athlete in Equestrian Sports as an aspiring Olympian in the International Sport of Three-Day Eventing, the triathlon of Horse Sports. 

  • is also a member of an elite group of equestrian Athletes, as an A-Graduate in the United States Pony Club, the equivalent of a PhD., confirming her ability to apply principles and practices in high stress and demanding environments to move with ease as well as convey applicable knowledge with clarity, calmness and professionalism at the level of mastery. 

  • has coached on several track and soccer teams throughout her college career to develop her approach to Sports Psychology applications and practices.

  • has brought many individuals to the same level of developing mastery, from the beginner levels all the way to the top of the game. 

  • is also in pursuit of completion of her Master’s in Sports and Performance Psychology to only add to her plethora of applied principles and methods that has brought all of her clients such extraordinary individualized successes. 

  • has over a decade of applied practices in coaching and training in athletics.

  • has reflected her ability to perform at her best under pressure through her applied practices at the highest level of certification in equestrian sports and notable competitions.

  • has exceeded standards at the highest performance level in the United States Pony Club (USPC) compelling examiners to define her as "ideal USPC representative" for her preparedness, performances, and professionalism.

  • has trained and performed in high pressure environments with ease and composure with her applied Sports Psychology practices with Olympic Coach, David O’Connor.

  • has also notable awards applying her own practices, exceeding standards and out performing notable competition by 10 plus points in a sport where scores are normally marked by only a few point differences.

  • has won high-point awards in the United States Dressage Federation, United States Equestrian Federation, United States Eventing Association, and the United States Pony Club.

  • has conducted significant independent research for supporting her approach to awareness and mindfulness in coaching sports, professionals, and individuals, from top selling books such as:

    • The Mindful Athlete by George Mumford, 

    • The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle,

    • Mindfulness by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, 

    • Mindsight by Daniel J. Siegel M.D., 

    • How Champions Think by Dr. Bob Rotella, 

    • With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham,

    • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck Ph.D.

    • Mind Gym: An Athletes Guide to Inner Excellence by Gary Mack with Mack Casstevens

Achievements and Business Aspirations:


         Camille Powell aspires to impart her knowledge and experiences to individuals and professionals alike to assist them in achieving all that they desire in sports, performance, business, training, relationships, and life. Camille Powell, as a member of an elite group of individuals, constituting less than 1% of the equestrian population, having made notable, unprecedented achievements as an accomplished athlete in equestrian sports, including exceeding the standards of proficiency at the “A” Certification in the USPC, being selected as “The Ideal USPC representative,” and earning the opportunity to train with the Olympic coach in 2016 with her intentions to make the Olympic team. Camille Powell's performance achievements expand beyond athletics, including making the Dean’s List in her Master’s in Sport and Performance Psychology program from University of Western States in requirements to becoming a Certified Mental Performance Consultant.

        As a Certified Core-Alignment Coaching Specialist, Emotional Wisdom Training Specialist, aspiring Certified Mental Performance Consultant, with over a decade of applied practice in coaching and training on track and field teams, soccer teams, and equestrian sports, and 25 plus years of personal athletic experience up to the tops levels of her sport, Camille Powell is able to provide a space for clients to access themselves to bring out their best as individuals and professionals, in sport, performance, business, personal relationships, and life. Camille Powell effectively supports clients with her innovative and holistic approach to coaching, training, and consulting from near or afar via FaceTime, Zoom, Phone and/or in-person sessions. Testimonials are provided to attest to the quality of services provided by Camille Powell in each coaching sessions, group/team meetings, and training/performance sessions, where you can take charge of your own training, performance, and life in each session as you step into you…

       Camille Powell is accepting clients via FaceTime, Zoom, Phone and/or

in-person sessions: Phone: (530)304-3836 Email: powellcamille1@gmail.com

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