• Camille Powell is a gifted rider and trainer. An A level pony club member, she is part of an elite group of individuals to attain the highest level of achievement in the US Pony Club. Her credentials, riding experience, degree in Psychology (emphasis in athlethics) make Camille the perfect trainer. She is an outstanding communicator, warm, friendly, has a skilled eye, calm demeanor, and a great sense of humor. I whole-heartedly recommend Camille who took my daughter from barely jumping to upper level eventing in a few short years. Camille Powell is the best in the Pacific Northwest!-Lori Prizmich, Team Leader/Associate of The Lori Prizmich Team as a leading ReMax Gold Member in Real Estate in Davis,CA. Award winner of the 100 Club, Platinum Club, Titan Club, and ReMax Hall of Fame 2010-2019

  • Cami is quite possibly the best riding instructor I have ever worked with. For someone as young as she is, she shows an amazing amount of maturity and skill. What I find most unique about her is that she is very good at assessing when it is appropriate to push someone and when it is better to pull back. I often walk away from lessons with her feeling confident because I accomplished more than I thought I could and I never feel overwhelmed by what she asks me to do. I've known Cami for many years and have worked with countless other instructors but Cami is someone I will always drop everything for in order to take lessons with her. She is also a personal role model of mine and has been for over 10 years. I would highly recommend working with her if you get the chance! -Krista Chun, UCLA Graduate, in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics, and studying at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences

  • Camille was my trainer for several years while I was riding at Capstone Eventing and Dressage. Camille has an amazing ability to connect with any horse she rides. She is a fantastic instructor, and has taught me so much about training young horses. She was able to improve my position, and helped me communicate effectively with my horses. Camille has also helped me with my mental toughness and ability to handle pressure in equestrian competitions. Horse shows can be incredibly stressful, especially in the warm-up areas. Camille has helped me, on several occasions, calm my nerves and warm-up my young horses. She was able to give me strategies and exercises to settle my horses when they were dangerously tense, and redirect my nervous energy as well. Camille is able to recognize the needs of her clients and find the right strategies to make sure they can compete successfully at any level. She has helped me get through competitions safely and successfully many times. Caitlin Butler, UC Davis Graduate, Social Science Teacher, Davis Senior High School

  • I have known Camille for about two years now. She has helped me so much with both of my horses. She helped me turn my rescue horse Sahara into a competitive pony who helped me find success in Pony Club. She is also helping me with my new horse Penny who I just recently got. Getting a new horse and having to adjust to them is a real challenge. I was very scared and nervous about her. Camille helped me gain confidence in riding Penny and I have never been happier. I am so exited to see what the future has in store for us and I have Camille to thank for getting me where I am now.-Elizabeth Desira, developing towards the C Levels in the United States Pony Club, with 5 years riding experience

  • I love riding with Camille! She has confidence in me when I don’t and knows how to push me just a bit harder when I want to give up. She knows how to bring out the best in a horse so the horse can bring out the best me. -Paula Jane Howell, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, Passionate Equestrian Rider

  • She’s always positive, encouraging and has the best interest for both the rider and horse. I look forward for our next lesson! -Kim Kurisu, California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo Graduate (Food Science), Product Development Scientist at Lyons Magnus and Product Development Technologist at National Raisin, avid equestrian enthusiast and developing rider in Eventing

  • I have found Camille Powell (Cammy) to be a delightful and multi-faceted individual. There is more to her than what meets the eye.  She is very competitive. She has competed in horse shows most of her life. Rather than feeling insecure and nervous about the competition, she relishes the pressure and jumps in with both feet. She is hard working, driven, focused and very, very reliable. She follows through. She gets the job done.  On the other hard, this task oriented high achiever ( she has won countless trophies and ribbons) has a very warm and soft side to her. She has excellent people skills and would score very high in emotional intelligence. She is unusually positive and optimistic in her approach to life.  I sincerely feel any athlete / competitor who trains under her will find her very approachable and emotionally supported at all times. At the same time, he or she will also learn a lot from Cammy and will be stretched in their skills set. Cammy is gentle with those whom she works, yet at the same time she pushes them. She is a valuable asset on anyone's team!    - Dr. Alex F. Chisholm, Author of "It's All In Your Head" by Virginia Pines Press. Ordained minister of American Baptist Churches USA,1982. Pastor, Counselor, and Speaker since 1982

  • I have known Camille since I was 5 years old, almost 20 years. These are formative years, and throughout that time, she always maintained a balance between being an uncompromising professional and being a loyal friend. The way she teaches is motivational, thoughtful and determined. I have had the privilege to watch her train both students and horses, together or individually, from the ground up. Her current horse is a magnificent testament to her hard work and to her patience; she is a strong believer that great things deserve time, practice, and attention to detail. Her students not only receive a clinical and professional instructor, they receive a holistic experience and a young adult role model. No matter your age or experience, Cam will find a way to take you to the next level. She will overcome all obstacles to do that, because she has the vision and grit to see it through.-Bay Warland, Registered Nurse and First Responder for the Plainfield Ridge Fire Department in Davis, CA

  • Camille has an amazing talent of helping people and horses.  She gains the trust of both person and animal, and helps create a strong connection. The guidance she has given me has held me accountable for a healthier thought process and action plan in my social and sporting environment. I am so grateful to have her in my life !
    -Macy H. 
    USEF & USPC Rider

  • Camille is an incredibly hard working trainer. She would always help me reflect on what I learned after each lesson. It was very helpful that she could see what the horse needed and in some days what I needed as well. Her humor made the lessons fun and got me to enjoy, apply and excel in my training. She is an amazing coach!
    -Piper H. , student USPC rider

  • We are so grateful for the time we had to train with Camille. She has a gift of understanding  the horses needs and the insight to pair that with the riders ability. Coaching our daughters through the mental, social and physical demands of the eventing sport exceeded our expectations. -Lisa H. Mom of 2 USEF & USPC eventing students

  • Camille, if it were possible to peg someone “ideal USPC representative,” my vote would be for you. -Sarah Morgan, National Examiner, for 30 plus years, in the United States Pony Club

  • I trained with Camille for over 3 years and with her determination, confidence, and motivational teachings, she guided me to venture outside my comfort zone every week. She has an eye for detail which makes each lesson informative and exciting without being overwhelming. Her precision, patience, calm demeanor, and determination makes every lesson of hers the best that it can be. She provides new challenges personalized for each rider and mount and aims to bring the pair to be their very best. Camille has worked with people and horse of all ages and skill levels and she accommodates her teaching to each individual and she has the ability to teach in a variety of ways, including humor that fills the environment with smiles while staying professional. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to have ridden numerous horses with Camille ranging from a barely broken OTTBs to her personal mounts. With each horse I rode, she made the experience unique and valuable. I have had the privilege of being one of Camille Powell’s students and I recommend her to anyone who wants to advance in their riding career.-Cece Johns, United States Pony Club C-Level Member, experienced rider of 15 plus years, attending Sonoma State University

  • Camille Powell is an accomplished instructor, A rated Pony Club Graduate and excellent competitor. Camille’s barn is run with only the best of horsemanship practices, her lessons are designed to bring each horse and rider to their full potential and her training programs are first rate. Most importantly, the horses come first!-Brian Sabo, A Rated Pony Club Graduate, Instructor Certification Program(ICP) Co-Founder, United States Eventing Association (USEA) President for 3 years, involved in many leadership positions in the USEA, United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), California Dressage Society (CDS), United States Pony Club (USPC), American Vaulting Association (AVA), inducted into the Academy of Achievement in the USPC, published articles in the USEA Eventing Magazines, ICP Level 4 Faculty Member. Coached the Mexican Olympic Team to the Gold Medal in the 2010 Central American Games. A Rider he developed, Gina Miles, won the Silver Medal in the 2008 Olympics in China. He was the Course Designer for the 1984 Olympics. Developed Eventing Training Online. Former Advanced Level Rider

  • Camille is a rock star and a tribute to the pony club levels of instruction. She is a fantastic competitor and rider as well as a good instructor and coach. Very few can make it to the "A" level of pony club, it is an elite spot and very well earned!-Connie Arthur, Owner of a top rated Facility, Lone Tree Farm, a beautiful full rated Three-Day Eventing Facility, offering many services including training, breeding and sales, as well as hosting many events, derbies, and camps. Owner of the renowned stallion, Bridon Breale Street, sire of two of Camille's fabulous horses

  • I love working with Camille, I am 60 years old and have been riding for almost 2 years. With Camille, she sees my strengths and pushes me to succeed even when I get distracted by all the details to this sport and riding. I have worked with other trainers, but I have grown faster as a rider with Camille. Not only does she see my strengths, but she pays attention to the details and always reminds me where I need to put my focus. She also encourages me to work the mental aspect of riding and has me apply strategies during and after sessions to shift my perspective into being more positive allowing me to make improvements as opposed to focusing on what I am not doing right, which has allowed me to progress at such a fast rate.- Karen Philleo, Athlete in Crew, Swimming, Running, and now a Blooming Equestrian

  • Cami gave both my teenage daughters riding lessons for many years.  My daughters are very different in how they learn, they have different confidence and skill levels, etc.  What amazed me the most about Cami is how she was able to tune in to each of them individually, and recognize not just their skill level, but what would help them learn best individually.  Even in a group lesson, my daughters felt like Cami “got” them, and was sensitive to how they learned best. Cami was always fun, and at the same time she was firm (a great combo!).  Safety was always a top priority.  Physical safety of course (for example, for the younger riders she always checked that the girth was tight) and also emotional safety - she really “saw” each person, and adapted her style to work most effectively with each student. For both of my daughters, Cami was able to see what they needed to work on, and what was getting in their way.  My daughter said, “she made me work on my weaker areas, and that helped me become a much better rider.” My youngest daughter is no longer riding, but said “If I take another lesson, I’d definitely take it with Cami!” I have only very positive things to say about Cami.  She cares greatly, works incredibly hard, and always wants to help others excel.  I highly recommend her!-Denise Rocha, Mom of 2 and Attorney for the Tech Industry

  • Camille has been a fixture in my daughter’s training for the last two years; her oversight has meant the world to my daughter and me. Camille has the rare ability to identify what each specific client may need and apply it to their training in a way in which it becomes a permanent part of their skill set, catering to clients with a wide variety of learning styles. Camille is detail oriented and without fail will err on the side of each client’s ability and comfort level, with safety always being the primary factor. I was so impressed by her training abilities that I decided to begin training with her myself. As an older adult amateur, I dealt with a mixture of trepidation and lack of confidence. Camille was incredibly encouraging, extremely knowledgeable and got me back to riding with confidence. Camille is a tactful, empathetic horse trainer, classically trained and a beautiful rider. I have four horses, all with different personality types and she has always adjusted her training style to fit each one, the desired outcome a relaxed, healthy animal who is happy in their work.  We are grateful to Camille for allowing us to be a part of her program. I always look forward to our lesson times. Camille is great at what she does and I really value it-it’s not easy to come by!” --Barbara Desira, rider for over 35 years winning numerous awards throughout her career, former rider/trainer at Castle Rock Riding

  • I can’t say enough about the safe place Camille provides in her Core-Alignment Coaching sessions. I have been going through a hard couple of years in my life. I am a pretty positive person, I love talking with others about the things they are accomplishing, but I was finding it difficult to keep a positive outlook for myself. After each session I talk through with Camille, I come out recalling all the things I’ve accomplished that I am proud of, recalling how I accomplished those things, and with a brighter, clearer idea of how I am able to move forward now. Camille has an amazing ear for keeping you on track to finding solutions or ideas that you yourself have learned over time. Camille’s desire and dedication to helping you grow is always apparent with her singular attention and focus while you are talking. It’s an empowering process to go through, and I am grateful to have found Camille to take me through that.-Heather Burton, Self-employed and works at Solas Equine Veterinary, Inc PS

  • I would recommend Cami Powell to anyone who wants a comprehensive learning experience. Cami is not only an accomplished rider herself but she is able to pass on her skills and knowledge to her students in a way that is easy to understand. She understand the biomechanics of how both horse and rider move and how they move together as one. She is so much fun to work with and very respectful of everyone she teaches! I look forward to many more lessons with her! -Rachel Eya, Bachelors of Science in Equine Science 

  • I would highly recommend Cami Powell. I am a women in her 60's who had never had a riding lesson before. Cami was patient and explained the techniques and the reasons for doing them. She is a delight to have as a teacher and I miss her! -Sue Robinson 


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