Paralysis by Analysis...Inaction In-thought

“Paralysis by analysis, or Analysis Paralysis”

Paralysis by analysis, is referring to the idea that overthinking can prevent us from performing or taking action.

In other words, when we think too much about anything we can get in our own way, even to the point of inaction. Whether we are thinking about our doubts, feelings, experiences, or even the necessary actions we need to take, if we don’t recognize the point where the thinking needs to shift to being constructive and into taking a form of action, our thinking can actually stop us from taking action altogether. It is important to note, every individual has a specific shifting point from thought to action. It is essential to recognize and discover that respective shifting point, from thought to action, for each individual in order to find the most success, bliss, fulfillment and flow.

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To continue, whenever we analyze we are in a state of concentrated thought, as a result, momentarily inhibiting our ability to perform or do a desired action. In reference to a previous post and how our brains function, we can only functionally entertain one thought or action at one time. We more accurately shift from one concentrated thought or activity to the next. In respect for the meaning behind this quote, if we are too focused on analyzing a particular activity or thought, it can make it so we can’t concentrate on anything else. How do we recognize this experience?

For one, paralysis by analysis, can be experienced in many different ways by each individual, but one way it can be recognized is when we freeze, in our bodies, or our actions. This is indicative that our minds are consumed in a cyclical effect, shifting from one thought to the next. It is important to realize that there is a time for thought and a time for action. Otherwise we may not even realize we are experiencing it.

To reiterate, knowing that there is a time for thought and a time for action. We can then acknowledge the value in reflecting on what we are doing or need to do, as well as when that time can shift to employing all that we have reflected on. If we take our reflecting and/or thinking too far and don’t have a stopping point for that reflection it can prevent us from being able to perform or do anything else. Especially in a time of action. This is relevant in all aspects of life, but especially relatable in sports and athletics. For example, if we think too much about the shot we want to make in basketball, the goal we want to score in soccer, or any goals or shots we missed, we get in our own way of actually performing to our abilities. In reference to the way we think and operate, as mentioned above.

In emphasis, paralysis by analysis, is a creative way to illustrate this fact that we can get in the way of our ability to perform or do our desired activity by overthinking. As mentioned, it is not that we don’t analyze our activities, but there is a time and a place as well as a necessary stopping point in order to take action. To reiterate, in order to score a goal we have to be in touch with the surrounding environment, responding instantaneously to the defenders around us, being aware to see the opportunities to pass to a teammate for an assist, or being alert to see an opening to take the ball in for a goal. This is not possible if we are clouded in our thought process.

Our goal is to become aware of our paralysis by analysis and develop ways to address all the thoughts and concerns that may arise and cloud our thinking, therefore inhibiting our action. When we recognize that the overthinking prevents us from being open and aware to taking action and responding to the environment, we can then do something about it. CPowell Sports Psychology and Coaching services have an array of methods to assist any individuals and/or professionals who want to recognize their paralysis by analysis in any aspect(s) of their lives to take action to address it, whether it be in sports, life, business, and/or relationships... Check them out and see what they have to offer:

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