Be Firm on Principles but Flexible on Methods- Zig Ziglar

"Be firm on principles but flexible on methods."-Zig Ziglar

This quote can be interpreted in innumerable ways. First, let’s look at the definition behind some of the key words in this quote. According to

Principle is defined as, a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.

Method is defined as, a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established one.

Let’s begin with those definitions in mind and take a look at possible interpretations behind Zig Ziglar’s quote, “Be firm on principles but flexible on methods.” The first applicable interpretation is, that we should have goals and stay true to what our goals mean to us, that being the principle, but we should be flexible on how we go about achieving them, that being the methods. Let's explore this more in the following.

In continuation, in reference to this quote: first, is that there is value in staying true to our goals, and second, is that there is value in recognizing the benefit of being open to the idea that there are more ways than one to achieve our goals. In other words, to stay true to our goal and what that goal means to us, means to not give up on achieving that goal, whatever it may be, but that in the process of achieving that goal, we recognize that there is not only one way to achieve that goal.

Further, by being flexible in how we go about achieving our goal, we might find that it actually gets us even closer to that goal, than our original trajectory, because we are open to more ways than one to achieving our goal. In contrast, if we lack the flexibility and we are closed off, meaning we only see one way to our goal, we may be limiting certain opportunities that could actually get us closer to our goal. While this is one interpretation, let's explore another in the following.

In reference to another interpretation of this quote, is regarding challenges and how we go about confronting those challenges. Confronting challenges as they arise, being the principle, and how we go about confronting those challenges, being the methods. This interpretation is valuable to consider, because having the principle to confront challenges as they arise, is a valuable principle to have and being flexible in our methods and how we confront those challenges, is relevant and the best way to go about this principle. Due to the consideration that not all challenges are the same, let alone the same for each individual, and in order to best address the challenge it is best to be flexible and open to many different ways to go about confronting each challenge.

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