2020 and the Present Moment...What does it mean? Take a read and see where it takes you...

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Quote: “Life is available only in the present moment.”-Thich Nhat Hanh

2020 and the present moment:

What a relevant quote for the times we are experiencing… what does it all mean? How do we make sense of these experiences? What do we do for ourselves…? For each other? What we can do is take charge of what we do, right now… What we make of right now. What thoughts we entertain, what choices we make day in and day out, as we live day to day in this time of uncertainty... How we use our time. Do we think of tomorrow? Do we reminisce in the past? What is living? This time is an opportunity to truly be present and discover what that really means… to be present. How do we do that day after day and what do we do with it all as it changes? Maybe create a sense of certainty in a time of uncertainty… Take a read and see where it takes you…

In this quote, life is available only in the present moment, requires us to understand what each facet of this quote can possibly mean… certainly open to more than one interpretation.

Life, is interpreted as having agency in how we experience our existence… According to Merriam-Webster, life is defined as, the state characterized by the ability to get and use energy, the period between birth and death, and spiritual existence transcending death. Concisely, life is how we interact with our existence… how we experience the present moment. The here and now. This very instance as you read these words.

Thich Nhat Hanh is saying that to be really alive, is to be living in the now, meaning in our mind, the awareness- the ability to understand our experiences and physical sensations, is in the here and now, not in the experience from the memories of yesterday, or in the thoughts of anticipation of what is possibly going to come tomorrow. The present moment is remarkably the only space where we can become aware of our thoughts and transform them…Here in lies our power, the choice to live fully and experience all that this existence has to offer.

To reiterate, to realize that life is only available in the present moment is a gift. It allows us the opportunity to recognize that we have the freedom to dictate our life course in whatever way we see fit... The opportunity to begin to recognize what that actually means for each of us and how to start to take our lives in the direction we want it to go. To be aware of the present, our current thoughts and experiences, at this very second…and not simply sitting in autopilot, playing the recordings of the memories of the past on repeat in our heads, without understanding, or in the anticipation of hypothetical scenarios of what tomorrow may bring… this is where we have choice in how we live... where life can truly happen. A key element, to live fully and exist and experience all that this existence has to offer to each individual in their own respective endeavor, whether it be in sports, life, business, or relationships, is offered in my One on One coaching through Sports Psychology practices, Core-Alignment Coaching- Coaching through value based life coaching , and Emotional Wisdom Training principles and practices. All implemented in consideration for each individual and their personal wants and needs.

In emphasis, life can truly happen when we recognize that we have the opportunity through the principles and practices of many of my services, respectfully applied, to discover where the past is relevant to consider and realize the future is yet to happen. The past cannot be changed and the future is merely an illusion; scenarios we lay out in our minds, based on the thoughts and experiences we have had… We don’t ever really know what is going to happen… Not that there is never predictability, but through coaching, Emotional Wisdom Training, and Sports Psychology, whatever may be relevant for each of us, we gain understanding from our experiences and get to create certainty where we can place it.

To clarify, to create certainty where we can place it means, is to know what we do know, and do what we can with that information, right now. Right now, as you read this, in this present moment. What do you know? What are you doing as you read this? Even reading these questions can bring you to the beginnings of that awareness. The awareness of our thoughts helps us recognize that we have many thoughts that move through us and we have a choice in what we do with them.

Further, the value we discover through sports psychology, core alignment coaching, and Emotional Wisdom Training is that the choices we make right now, opens us up to opportunities around us. When we make the choice to acknowledge where we are… who we are... who we want to be… here, right now. This is where life can happen. Therein lies our freedom to decide what comes next…to live fully right now.

How do we recognize we are in the present moment? Simply stated, if we are in it, it is known. It it is an experience that can be accompanied by a sense of peace, gratitude, and relaxation… our minds are not racing, we don’t feel distracted, we feel a sense of freedom to choose and interact with what is right in front of us… We can respond wisely to incidents and accidents and not react to them, a value discovered through coaching. We embrace changes as they come, we recognize each moment as a moment, and understand that it shall pass, as does everything…

In contrast, when we feel stressed, we are not in the present, in many respects we are entertaining experiences in our minds that are not based in the moment happening around us, we are in our memories from an encounter we had the other day, or in anticipation for a meeting we have tomorrow… whatever it may be for each person, that sense of turmoil-big or small, does not allow us to be in the present. Here in lies our choice.

Our choice, to sit in the turmoil of the unknown future, dwell in the unattainable past, or to actually look at what we are experiencing, right now. The choice we make to look at it can change it. Notably, that opportunity is only available to us right now. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Right now. As soon as we actualize that we can open up to see what else is available to us in the present moment, where we can truly live and experience what life has to offer…

In short, it is not that the future does not matter or that we cannot and should not have goals in the future that we are focused on, or that we don’t plan for the future with benchmarks or training, or that we don’t recognize how far we have come, whatever that may be for each person. Further, or that we can’t have memories that we relish in and cherish, or that we don’t interact with experiences of our past to reference and improve ourselves and our experiences. Simply, the quote in and of itself is inscribing our ability, our opportunity, to recognize that those aspects exist and that it is in how we interact with them in the present moment, right now, that brings us peace, joy, gratitude, and is life. The life we all strive for in our own respective ways.

In closing, one of the most effective ways to achieve this state and experience the openness and receptivity to experience life in the present moment: To find the zone in your sports, find that bliss in your life, find that success in your business, receive that promotion, have that fulfilling relationship you desire, is through coaching and many of my applied principles and practices offered in my services. My methods are effective, proven practices that will assist you in getting yourself to that space of truly experiencing life, whatever that means for you.

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